ChurchTrax - Church Management Software

ChurchTrax Overview

Is yours a new church or para-church ministry?  Or, are you still small and growing, and wish you had comprehensive Church Management Software to replace all the spreadsheets you've built?  Do you wish you had software that would let you hold (and report on) information about the following? …

  • Households
  • Individuals within Households
  • Organizations (vendors, other churches, etc.)
  • Contacts within Organizations
  • Group participation
  • Attendance
  • Contribution income
  • Non-Contribution income
  • Non-monetary donations (securities, hard assets, etc.)
  • Pledge Campaigns, Pledges and Pledge Receipts

to see a list of features in the current version of ChurchTrax.
to see the "ChurchTrax Release Notes" (changes incorporated into each ChurchTrax version since its inception).
Like what you see so far?  Well, Martureo.Org is pleased to offer ChurchTrax — free church management software that's easy to download, install and use (downloads for the initial implementation of the latest edition of ChurchTrax are free — downloads to perform an upgrade from your existing version of ChurchTrax to the latest edition are also free).

You might be asking yourself ... "What's the catch?"

Well ... there is no catch!

ChurchTrax has been developed as a ministry, for Kingdom purposes.  Our only goal in developing and distributing this software is to help your ministry grow the Kingdom!

The ChurchTrax Operating Environment

ChurchTrax Version 2.7.2 (the latest edition of ChurchTrax) is a Windows-based system available as of 07-Aug-2015 for the following environments:

Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

for information on networking multiple computers running ChurchTrax all accessing a single shared ChurchTrax database.

for information on simplifying the use of Windows 8 and 8.1 making it far easier to install and use ChurchTrax … these hints will make your system look more like familiar Windows systems of the past.

to view the "ChurchTrax Statement of Support", which offers information on the direction and support of ChurchTrax, detailed information on supported environments and some considerations regarding Microsoft Access.

Downloading ChurchTrax

Whether you're a new user interested in just "checking it out" or ready to use ChurchTrax for real, or are a current user upgrading from a prior version, the process of downloading and installing ChurchTrax (including all documentation) is pretty simple.

New users installing ChurchTrax for the first time

Download the latest version of ChurchTrax.  During installation, the installation software will install ChurchTrax with an empty "starter" database.
Existing users upgrading to the latest edition

Download the latest version of ChurchTrax.  During installation, when the installation software detects an existing implementation of ChurchTrax on your computer, it will replace the old version with the new version without harming your existing ChurchTrax database.

Need more information before deciding ... ?

Preview the ChurchTrax Documentation

If you're not yet ready to obtain ChurchTrax but wish to review its documentation to help you make that decision, this option is just for you!  The following will download just the Installation Guide, the Users Guide (*) and the Administrators Guide (*).

[This step is not required if you plan to obtain ChurchTrax since these documents are included in your installation package.]

[* Your computer will require PDF viewing software (such as the Adobe Acrobat Reader) in order to read these two documents.]

  • When prompted, click "Run" (or "Open") to proceed with the download.
  • Click here to start the download.
  • When the download completes, the unzip program will automatically begin.
  • Respond to its prompts to unzip the documentation into your "My Documents" folder.